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You can see the NP200 running on youtube....

These reactors use a more open flow design over the phosphate and carbon reactors. Using larger inlet and outlet hosetails, and the use of large media trays.

Designed for free-standing in cabinet or sump.


Comes Complete with Control Valve.

Comes with PVC Unions for 360o hose fitting, for ease of fitting and dismantling of pipework.

Hosetails: 20mm

Pump Requirement: 1500lph - 2500lph


Max Capacity: 1600mls of media.(Fluidised)

Base the Bio Pellets at 500mls per 100gals/ 440l.


Dimensions :

Height: 600mm
Base footprint: 130 x 130 mm
Column Dia: 90mm

  • Instructions

    1. Unscrew wings nuts of lid.

    2. Remove lid gently.

    3. Fill to the desired amount of media.

    4. Place lid in place making sure the internal downpipe is secured into lid and screw down gently the wing nuts, do not over tighten.... as this may cause leaks of the gasket. If this happens, shut the pump down and loosen the screws. Then retighten very gently.

    • Fit 16/20mm tube to the pump supply and run it to the centre hose (inlet) reactor with a control valve inline with this to control flow rates.

    6. Fit 16/20mm tubing to exit of reactor and run as close to the inlet of a skimmer to remove heavy matter.

    7. Close Control Valve.

    8. Start Pump and slowly open valve to where the media(s) begin to lift to desired height.

    9.Over-time, adjust control valve to suit

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